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2011-04-24 06:51 pm

Memorial for Jane, next Sunday

[Posted by [ profile] jducoeur.]

I think most people already have heard about this through one channel or another, but for those who haven't: as I mentioned at the funeral, we'll be having a celebration of Jane's life next weekend. We've scheduled it the day after Carolingian 40th so people can be in town, and in the afternoon so that it doesn't overlap with the stuff happening on May Morning.

It's open to anyone who would like to come -- while RSVPs aren't required, they're helpful, so it would be great if you could respond via this Anyvite. Note that there will be a potluck supper, for those who can stay a few hours -- there's a link from the Anyvite that lets you say what you plan to bring.

I hope to see many of you there. The funeral was a necessarily somber affair; I'm hoping that this will be a better opportunity for us to all share stories and community, and honor her memory...
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2011-01-27 11:57 am

Funeral and Burial Details

[[ profile] jducoeur posting.]

For those who are reading here and not in my journal: Jane's funeral will be Sunday at 1pm, and the burial will be Monday at 10:30am. See the linked entries for additional details.
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2011-01-20 09:27 am

RIP Mistress Caitlin

Mistress Caitlin Davies (MKA Jane Waks), OP, Baroness of the Court, 8th Tyger of the East, Mistress Memory of the Eastrealm, passed away at home, at about 6am this morning, after a long fight with cancer. She is survived by her husband Justin, her cat Jedi, her Barony Carolingia and the households of Windsmeet, Silverwing and Lochleven.

Funeral arrangements will be announced soon; please see for details.

[Posted by [ profile] jducoeur. I am posting this note to the jducoeur, msmemory, carolingia and sca Livejournals. Please forward to other communities and mailing lists as appropriate.]
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2010-10-27 03:44 pm

Dear Gutter Service

Last time your people cleaned my gutters you said there was a problem one of the downspouts but you couldn't tell me which one or what you proposed to do about it. Don't sound so surprised I'm not inviting you back even if you allege you'll be "in the area" next week. Instead I'm shopping for a new gutter service, possibly even with an English-speaking crew.
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2010-10-25 03:01 pm

Everybody's a little bit Scottish

Scotland By The Yard is a very dangerous place. I confined myself to just one Aran sweater because my budget needs to support a plumber's service call Real Soon.
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2010-10-22 10:02 am

(no subject)

[ profile] malkingrey reports a dusting of snow in the Northeast Kingdom. Wear your woolies, lords and ladies!
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2010-10-21 01:23 pm

(no subject)

Greatly looking forward to the cessation of polling list subscription requests.

I'd really like a warmish sunny weekend day, suitable for planting bulbs and hanging the birdfeeder. Before Thanksgiving, please.

Desperate for vacation in a couple weeks.
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2010-10-15 02:29 pm

(no subject)

Just when I thought I might have to pay through the nose for a hotel for Crown, HG Marieke suggested a place that's under $100. Yay!
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2010-10-14 12:43 pm

Oh noes, a big storm!

You don't need a meteorology degree for this. The wind smells of the sea (and old seaweed). The sky is half filled with dark grey poufy storm clouds. Should be entertaining to watch tonight.
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2010-10-12 02:04 pm

Still a vegetable

Actually, I don't need help, I just use my LJ to vent.
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2010-10-11 02:31 pm

Yay for holidays

Managed to squeeze in a little OP work (checking on name registrations) since it's so quiet in the office today. Reduces the pressure some, hurray!
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2010-10-11 12:46 pm

Still seeking vegetative time

Even though the reign is over, I do not have unlimited time to spend on the Order of Precedence. It will get done, but 'today!' is too much to ask. I'm still putting away Pennsic stuff, fer chrissakes. And we unexpectedly had a feline funeral this weekend. Me, overstretched? You bet.
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2010-10-04 12:55 pm


What is it with the cold? It gets cold this time of year just about every year. So why did the lodge custodian leave all the windows open this weekend? And why did I have to file a trouble-ticket with Facilities this morning when I got to work?
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2010-09-07 10:34 am

(no subject)

I would actually prefer to stay home and clean the office, and make vacation reservations, than go to Eastern Star tonight and quarrel over the role of the Trustees. I think I have a destiny to fulfill as The Troublesome Trustee.
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2010-08-29 10:22 pm


Anybody know the date of Nathaniel Wyatt's AOA? It was AS 36 but that's the best I've got.

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2010-08-27 04:16 pm

(no subject)

So when will the first truck get stuck on Storrow Drive? I'd guess probably tomorrow, but it might be as late as Wednesday (the 1st of the month).
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2010-08-27 11:48 am

(no subject)

The continuing saga of nothing actually going my way. Open mouth, insert feet.
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2010-08-25 10:37 am

Pennsic polos

Did anybody get a polo shirt at Pennsic this year in a Medium or Large, who would rather have an XL? I'm drowning in the XL and willing to trade or buy to get the smaller size. (Renaissance Arts is sold out.)
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2010-08-20 03:09 pm

As often as I grouse

I ought to be as quick to praise as to criticize.

The lady at Blue Cross said they send out automated recording calls "for your health" and nothing in particular had triggered the "take your meds" voicemail yesterday. She was also terribly gracious when I said, "I would like to opt out please."

Zappos upgraded my shipping to Next Day at no charge to me.

This month's Saudi Aramco World magazine has a nice article with purty pictures of period tents, excerpted/adapted from Shamiana: The Mughal Tent (V&A, 1999).
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2010-08-15 08:06 pm

(no subject)

We took advantage of having a large rented vehicle, and the sales-tax holiday, to make an IKEA run after lunch. Borderline folly - we are both barely vertical from fatigue from load-out and driving straight thru yesterday. But we have five new bookcases, which are replacements for ones we bought before or shortly after our wedding, which are self-destructing from age and overloading.