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People are probably tired of my dire forebodings as far as work goes. Still, they sent out the "all-hands" meeting announcement for next week after the close of business yesterday. If they would only worry as much about morale as they do about executive secrecy, sigh. I'm going to call in to my assistant on Wednesday to find out what the content of the meeting was, and whether I should expect to have a job after I get back from vacation. If only I had not been through a reorganization during my absence, back at HDI, I would be better at shaking off these feelings.
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1. Where are you camping?
EK Royal/Lochleven Downtown

2. When are you arriving?
Wednesday the 4th

3. What cool stuff are you doing?
Attending the second annual Baronesses Run Amok party. Heralding miscellaneous court stuff. Retaining and errands for TRM. Shopping! Relaxing around camp and alleging it's "hospitality suite" work. Shmoozing with my proteges.

4. What's your SCA name?
Baroness Caitlin Davies. Also known as Baroness "I've forgotten more about the East than you'll ever know".
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A man who tries to friend me on FB and claims his school was Wellesley College is doomed from the start.
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Teh Intarweb knows all. I was disappointed to hear my stylist left the salon recently. But her full name is still on the artists' roster - so I just sent her a FB friend request. Here's hoping I can learn where she is working now. Then I can decide whether to follow her, or choose somebody else from the salon staff.
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As I sit here mending garb for Pennsic, I wonder - could it be financially reasonable for someone to sell ordinary sewing supplies at Pennsic? Regular Coats & Clark thread, snaps, hooks, needles, etc. I suspect the return on costs wouldn't be adequate to support a booth, alas, but I recall I wanted to fix my hem last year and couldn't find someplace to buy plain dark green thread. (Linen, silk, cord, oh sure: but not sewing thread.)
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I'm sure I can find a way to get a simple tunic out of this bolt-end of purple linen, right? (4.75 yd) If not for me, for my sweetie.
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Bad news: one of the navy blue dresses I bought last spring is now too big and kind of hangs off my shoulders unflatteringly.

Good news: my genuine John Maguire now fits me again - even without its corset!
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And in other news, the marketing people were showing off the new glossy brochures, when I noticed the typo on page 3 (FEASIBLITY). Luckily, they only printed about 5,000 which is less than sometimes.
I'm starting to see why the uptick in requests for my proofing services....
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I was talking with someone who mentioned that his church has a cantor. I had never heard of a cantor in a Christian church - apparently it's what we called "soloist" at my parents' church.
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You can tell it's time and then some that I really did a heavy corrections pass on the Alphabetic section of the order of precedence. Some of you pearl-heads will remember the lady we picked up while running amok last year? The one about whom I said "oh, you used to be Eastern!" Well, seems I hadn't gotten around to taking her out of the alpha list. Hokay, we'll be attending to a nice little list of those in the next few days.
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I have a terrible craving for a Cornish pasty and a glass of orgiat.
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Work is depressing. I've been asked to come up with a plan for reducing the library square footage by half, together with an impact statement about what we lose if we follow through. This place is my baby, and I look around and try to identify 1/2 of the collection (at least in linear shelf space terms) to throw away. Would you throw away half your family? Would your choices change if you knew you were going to be second-guessed by Uber-Boss, but Uber hasn't responded to your memo requesting input?
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According to Lucan, the new heirs are Count Griffyth and Countess Aikaterine.
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I just got a call from my protegee and my husband. They're up in Canada, and have discovered that neither of them has ANY signal at all on their cell phones (different carriers) at the Crown Tourney site. They were able to call me because they went off-site for dinner.

So I guess we aren't going to get live txt play-by-play of the tournament after all :( How quaint.


May. 7th, 2010 09:23 am
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I feel guilty that I don't feel bad about skipping the Canada trip this weekend. (Overachievers R Us, I guess.)

I have had two instances of standing around in cold rain, which might turn to snow, for Canadian Crown Tournaments. It's [ profile] jducoeur's turn. There will be rain here, but I will not be standing around in wet skirts and wet boots and a wet hood.

Lilith Fair

May. 6th, 2010 12:57 pm
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It doesn't seem like 10 years since the last time I saw the Lilith Fair tour. But it must be. Tempting to go again (and wear my old souvenir tee).


May. 4th, 2010 01:55 pm
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Spring returns, and the mamma robin returns to her nest in our carport. I get a dirty look and she flies out every time I use the back door. If everything goes on time like the last few years, there will be baby birds around Memorial Day, and by mid-June, the nest will look unused for another 11 months.
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Coworker trying to explain who that was I ran into in the lobby: "She's Gayle's um...." "Stepdaughter?" "No, um..." "Partner?" "Wife." "Oh, okay, I didn't know they had gotten married."

Getting dressed in the dark led me to pick two twinset pieces that I thought were green. Yep, one teal, one emerald. I have buttoned up the cardigan to hide the shell, which I usually don't do.

My lilacs are about to burst into bloom.

I contributed inadvertently to someone having a rotten day last Friday. There's nothing I can do except feel remorseful, and owe her a hug - and a drink.
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Bah! I really don't want to take random underutilized people from elsewhere in the organization and give them make-work that I don't want done in the first place, to do.

NO, you may not strip and refinish all our black enameled Harvard chairs, just because the rungs are showing signs of 20 or 30 years of feet having rested on them. Why don't you spray paint all these scratched and dinged file cabinets instead?
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I am very pleased to announce that on Saturday at Mudthaw, [ profile] mrgrumpybear did publicly consent to become my second protege, for a year and a day.


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